Historic Launch of New Bestseller & Training Programs By Liverpool’s Youngest Author

“Confidence is not walking into a room and thinking that you are better than everyone in the room. It is not even trying to compare yourself with anyone in that room as well. It Is about knowing your strengths and uniqueness and working daily on cultivating better habits.” Latoya Likambi

Children’s Bestseller, Kasey’s Diary and training programs to inspire young children to unleash their creative genius and thrive to greater heights by Liverpool’s youngest bestselling author, Latoya Likambi was successfully launched on June 8th at Liverpool Central Library by the Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr. Gary Millar.

The historic and landmark event saw leaders, parents and young children from across the City and afar unite in Liverpool’s Historic Central Library to commemorate our City’s youngest and currently only 12-year-old author from St John Bosco Arts College, Latoya Likambi, as she launched her new children’s book and training project.

The colourful, vibrant and inspiring atmosphere was filled with many young talents bound together by their love for books and literature; who delivered speeches, read excerpts from the book, and showcased their rich and diverse talents! The event kicked off with 11 years old talented singer and songwriter, Ezrah-rose from Manchester, who wowed the audience with her enchanting voice and later on performed her Single “We are the children” that she co-wrote with her mum, Njungwa Susan Oben – further captivating the audience with their heart-warming voices and lyrics.  

Cllr. Gary Millar (who was joined by fellow panelists, Mr Edward Cassidy – Deputy Headteacher at St John Bosco Arts College, Garth Dallas – Chair of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association, and the young author – Latoya Likambi), delivered a powerful keynote opening speech highlighting the common struggles young children go through that could affect their self-esteem (just like Kasey) and how working on building their confidence/ with the help of friends and role models could help them reverse the situation; and officially launching the book and training program.

This was immediately followed by a fantastic speech from Mr. Cassidy ( who also came along his two little children, saying it was a historic moment for them, as they witnessed a 12-year-old Liverpool author pave the way for them), highlighting the outstanding values and ethics they hold as a school while encouraging Latoya and all children present to thrive to attain their full potential.

Garth Dallas then delivered another powerful and relevant speech of hope and encouragement for young children, and specifically, of BAME background where a prevalent rate of underachievement is reported – challenging this notion as he points to Latoya. As an ambassador of the Central Library, he also stated with pride that this was the very first time in the history of our City that a young black female/ 12 is launching a book in the Central Library.

Finally, the eloquent and highly confident 12-year-old Latoya Likambi and positive role model confidently rose to her feet and delivered a truly unique and memorable inspirational speech, meticulously and fluently read an excerpt from her new book, and responded to some questions in a Q&A session/ from the very engaged, supportive, and thrilled audience.

Then came the defining moment everyone has been waiting for – the book signing by our very own Liverpool 2 times youngest author, who delicately autographed every single copy with a bespoke/ personalized and inspiring message for every child that got the book. Her goal is to inspire and empower as many children as possible through her training platform, to unlock their creative genius/ natural potential and develop the creative writing/ storytelling and public speaking skills/ discipline and confidence  required to write their own books, and, inspire more children worldwide to read, write and share their unique stories. and messages with the world – just like her.

Latoya sets out to stage another launch event that promises to be bigger and historic at the prestigious Liverpool Waterstones on the 22nd of June 2019, which will see the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr. Peter Brennan, The Headteacher of St John Bosco Arts College, Mr. D Gidman and several other leaders and young people from within our City and across the Nation.

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