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Executive Or Business Coaching

Executive Or Business Coaching

The core of this coaching will be centred on:

  1. Understanding the power of company/ corporate vision and mission statement. Reviewing and communicating company’s vision and mission statement clearly.
  2. We will explore the famous Gospa strategy, which is the foundation on which successful business coaching is based. You will be coached to set clearer business, personal and professional development and financial goals, objectives, and success strategies, and how these could be clearly communicated throughout the business. These goals will be reviewed, evaluated, and acted upon for overall personal/business growth and success.
  3. Strategic Thinking and Planning: We will work on the leader’s ability to think and plan strategically (looking at the strategy of some great leaders and role models). You will learn how to stand back and view the future, remain ambitious, optimistic, and at the same time think critically, to identify any underlying problem, or set back, and then plan, and act.
  4. Time Management: We will explore excellent time management to maximize your business resources and output.

This is also an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to start up their own business to be coached by a very dynamic and successful ILM certified business/executive coach and serial entrepreneur.

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