Optimum Well-being & Performance Masterclass

Join us at The optimum well-being & Performance Masterclass on Saturday, 29 September 2018, at The Marble Arch Marriott Hotel, London.

This Exclusive Masterclass is specifically designed and tailored for those who would love to master and conquer the everyday stresses of life and work to achieve optimal well-being, productivity, and performance.

It is also targeted at those whose lifestyles, schedules, and/ or workload are quite demanding or simply overwhelming, such as company leaders/ Directors, Executives and Managers


Does one or more of the following questions apply to you?

✓ Are you currently stressed because of workload or challenges in life or for other reasons?

✓ Do you feel like your productivity is declining as demand for your services/ your work load increases?

✓ Do you feel so overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day or a working week?

✓ Do you find it difficult/ lack continuous motivation to carry out your daily activities/work?

✓ Are you struggling to meet up with the tasks you have at work and home, and create balance?

✓ Has your life/ finances been affected by your health and well-being

✓ Have you lost/ risk losing your job due to sickness and absence?


✓ Improve your mental, emotional and physical health and well-being

✓ Increase your overall daily energy/drive and enrich your life and work

✓ Enhance your motivation and performance

✓ Develop optimum mental health and well-being and resilience

✓ Take complete control of your wellbeing, happiness, and state of mind

✓ Develop a dynamic, optimistic, and lively lifestyle and work culture

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