My ultimate goal for writing this piece today is to inspire and encourage you to develop an unwavering state of mind that empowers you to acknowledge and always see greatness in you… no matter what. It is my heart’s desire that you finally come to terms with the fact that you were born and destined for greatness, and that greatness is a lifestyle and your ultimate birthright! Hence, this is written in order to challenge and inspire you to step into an authentic and grounded journey of unlocking the greatness within you— if you haven’t yet done so.

Nonetheless, if you are not aware of the fact that there is greatness within you, it is impossible to unlock the greatness—because you cannot take advantage of that which you are not aware of. Awareness denotes the beginning of change and genuine transformation. Therefore, I would like to imagine that you are aware of the fact that there is greatness in you, though you may never have seen or experienced this before now… and you are willing and ready to step into your unique journey and unlock the greatness that dwells within you.

Hence, in order for you to manifest greatness and start living a fulfilling, wonderful, and glorious life with immense confidence and authority, it is paramount that you become fully aware of who you truly are and represent. In other words, you must take some time to reflect upon your life and start asking yourself some of these deep and profound questions of life such as: who are you? Where have you come from? Why are you here and what can you do? What is the purpose of your life and what happens after your death? Why is there greatness in you? What is this greatness in you?

Are you aware of the fact that the greatness in you is crying out loud to be nurtured and released because it is not meant to be entrapped or enslaved within? Rather, it is meant to be nurtured so that it can birth and produce the fruits of greatness (made manifest through your attitude and actions), so that you and others may see, experience, and enjoy the benefits thereof.

Unfortunately, so many people remain ignorant about their true identity and the greatness that is in them, and hence, continue to dwell/ live in mediocrity, fear, or are disadvantaged and exploited due to lack of knowledge of this very fundamental truth about their identity and existence.

Hence, as you read along, I hereby challenge you to step out of your ordinary day to day life, routine, and comfort zone…and step into your unique journey of self-discovery and growth, so that you may begin to uncover the greatness that lies within – unveiling, unlocking, and revealing/ releasing it to yourself and to the world, one day at a time. Only by doing this can you start seeing and experiencing the masterpiece and wonder that you are, created by a magnificent God, for a magnificent purpose—to shine gloriously into this world, and to touch and impact countless lives and families.

Now, are you ready to unlock your greatness in 2019? This is never determined by how you look. It is never determined by where you come from, or by your current economic/ financial status. It is never determined by the neighborhood you come from or by your parents’ background. It is also never determined by your educational background… It is never determined by your gender or by society… It is far greater than all of the above. It is intangible… it is spiritual… it is Divine… Eyes have not seen yet, and ears have not heard of it yet… it is beautifully and majestically assembled in codes that are intertwined and yet to be decoded…

It is at your best interest that it is concealed, locked and entrapped within your very DNA, soul, and spirit… such that no one understands the codes yet or comprehend just how great you are yet — until you are mature enough and ready to decode and manifest your greatness!

You are indeed great… and destined for greatness and success! Be Great – Always! Join me unlock your greatness and purpose in 2019!

To Your Greatness!

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