A Woman’s World or A Man’s World? Where Did We Possibly Go Wrong?

As we celebrate Women and Mothers throughout this period, I’d like to take this unique opportunity to wish every amazing and incredibly unique woman out there a wonderful Month of March and Glorious Months and Years Ahead, amidst all odds! I’d also like to stir within us a compelling desire to significantly invest in ourselves and personal development, so we could genuinely work towards creating the life, family, community, and world that we all desire and dream of – from within. This is definitely the appointed moment to birth that life, family, career, business, nation, and world we all dream and yearn for earnestly… Nonetheless, it all starts from within each one us! Only in us can we ever find the power and the courage to change our lives…

It’s definitely time to stop talking about our problems, and start creating lasting and sustainable solutions! It’s time to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for our own lives, happiness and wellbeing…

We have the power to change the stories we tell ourselves and our daughters/ sons…We have the power to change our today, and hence our tomorrow—.and life! However, this power is not out there… this POWER will NEVER be given to us by any institution, society or government created by man— mere mortals like you and me (who are here today and gone tomorrow – in the twinkle of an eye); not because they don’t care about you and me or because they want to deprive us of “our power” or oppress us— far from that! They simply do not have this POWER or ACCESS to this POWER… they cannot even comprehend this POWER! How then can we expect them to give us what they don’t have… or even worse, that which they are ignorant of!

We are looking in the wrong places beloved; we are speaking to the wrong people… We are focusing in the wrong direction, and hence driving further away from our ultimate destination. We should be looking within – within ourselves… we should be speaking within – to ourselves…to that powerful seed of greatness, vision and restless desire to be greater/ be better and be the very best/give the very best of ourselves—as individuals and collectively as a people with a common goal and vision…in creating and birthing forth that wonderful, kind, loving, just, and peaceful world we all dream of!

We can’t afford to be bitter, while on this Powerful journey and mission. We simply cannot afford to be angry, aggressive, and/ or bitter… such attitude only intoxicates us and leaves us powerless, more bitter, and lifeless… depriving us from the great power and gift of Life/ Motherhood bestowed upon us by The Divine. In this state, we become barren and unable to conceive, nurture, and birth this remarkable world we dream of daily!

It is our responsibility as Women to create this beautiful, loving, kind, and ethical world… It is our responsibility as mothers of every man and woman in our world today (good or bad, white or black, Christian or atheist, etc) to create this reality! We owe it to the incredible children and leaders of tomorrow we conceive and bring forth into this world! Let’s do this together… let’s create A NEW PARADIGM OF FEMALE LEADERSHIP… that is vision-driven/ purpose-driven; and in alignment with our very core nature and purpose. The latter could solely be conceived, nurtured, and birthed from within fertile and receptive heart/ mind!

You must LEAD from the SOUL… You are naturally wired and predestined to do so… This is the type of authentic and transformational leadership needed in such challenging times… in this 21st Century—A New Paradigm of Female Leadership!

You are incredibly wise— how could you ever think of competing with your very own children… sons and daughters alike… babes and grownups alike?


Step out Woman… this is your time to truly transform your life and make a difference/ leave a lasting legacy for generations to come!

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