UK Leading Wellbeing Empowerment & Transformation Authority Pledges To Beat Suicide

“A World void of suicide is possible, and we must all stand up (especially as women) and work towards this, now and here.” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

“We cannot let things escalate any further and get out of control! Our youths need us now more than ever before— and are looking up to us for help and solutions to some of the problems we created! We cannot forsake them or have our own agendas and exclude them! They are our children and future! Together, we can pledge and commit to work radically and unconventionally with them to drastically alleviate and eventually conquer the suicidal frequency we now experience; and its devastating effects on loved ones, families, and society.” Says Voice of Nations’ inspirational Founder and CEO, Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi.

It is tremendously heartbroken to witness energic young people who are full of life and dreams have their lives and dreams terminated every 40 seconds by suicide! This is also the case for men under 50, with about three times more men committing suicide as compared to women. This sad reality is anticipated to increase and to take place every 20 seconds by 2020! Hence, despite all technological and scientific advancements, the prognosis is worse! Is it then a modern condition, or one which is completely incompatible with modernization, and hence resistant?

In an information age when humanity has made so much progress and innovations to help us improve our lives more than ever before, why should suicide still be a major problem and the leading cause of death among young people and young men?

As an organization, we have often wondered and asked the following questions: “Why on earth would someone reject/destroy the most precious/ valuable and priceless gift of life—which is life itself?” “Does society or people bother why so many young people take away or even think of taking away their lives? “As a people, are we indifferent/ complacent because it’s got nothing to do with us, or do we feel we can’t do anything to change the situation or how people think, feel, and act?”

We cannot and must not be indifferent/ complacent. We must step out and make all the difference that we can possibly make… in a very selfless, non-judgmental, and compassionate manner. We have a moral obligation to make our children, humanity, and our world healthier and better.

We hereby invite you to join us, as our CEO pledge to devote her life to support vulnerable individuals and young people who may be predisposed to suicide or have these thoughts, so that suicide can become a thing of the past!

To commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day, Dr Sylvia Likambi is available throughout September to speak at various media, schools, hospitals; and share some powerful/ indispensable tested and proven transformational tools and strategies to conquer every life/work challenges and storms—which she consistently and successfully applies in her own life with remarkable results, and have helped thousands she has worked with bid farewell to anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and suicide! She is also offering unlimited FREE E-copies and 3 autographed hard copies of one of her Bestsellers, 7 Powerful Strategies For Overcoming Life Challenges throughout September.

Let’s Say No to Suicide. Suicide is never a solution and should never be an Option! All humans are imperfect, yet worthy; and deserve to live, make mistakes, fail, fall, rise up, and thrive!

For more information about our cutting-edge transformational programs and approach or to invite Dr Sylvia to speak and share her expertise at your school or media, contact her directly using the above details above.


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