Press Release: Liverpool 10-Year-Old Author & Positive Role Model for Children Publishes Her First Book


“Too often, children underachieve at school, and some of them are designated as special needs children; factors which unfortunately, result in the amazing abilities and potentials within such children to become suppressed and unrecognized, due to lack of faith and belief in themselves or by parents/peers and society! These children must be empowered to exploit their natural gifts and potential, and add value to our community and world!” Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Latoya Likambi, a highly confident and very inspiring 10 year old from Liverpool, sets out to publish her first book entitled “Short Stories By Latoya Likambi” in November 2016. She wrote the entire first draft of the book, including the initial illustrations when she was only 7 years old, and is now passionately working on her second book and poetry, due to be published next year.

Latoya is a very creative, strong-minded, and visionary young girl, with a vision bigger than the world she sees in front of her. She is grounded by her profound Christian foundation and family values—rooted in the fact that, she and every single child out there is a unique creation of God, with very unique and exceptional creative abilities to add value to our world and make it a much better, loving, and kind place to live in. Her motto is “My Words Are Life, My Words Will I Use to Build My Life and the Lives of Others.” At a very Tender age, she understood the amazing transformational power entrapped in words – both the spoken and unspoken; and made the decision to impact and transform her life and those around her through her words and writings.  When asked who her inspiration and role model is, she is very quick to refer to her mum, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi— winner of The National Diversity Awards – Positive Role Model Award for Gender 2016 and a transformational speaker/coach and consultant.

Latoya has won various awards as best writer of the week and month, has been a reading ambassador for her school, and also had a very inspiring Poem of hers published in A Liverpool Talented Writer’s book about 2 years ago. She is also very passionate about fine art and design

In her book, you will find the very interesting and distinctive characters working and playing together as a team, with some isolated episodes of bullying and naughtiness, which are challenged and reproached.
The stories in this book convey an important message of the significance of trust, relationships, and team work; and encourage children to always work and have fun as a team, and be of good conduct towards one another and their teachers.

Kasey is a prominent and friendly character in the book, and we see various occasions where she celebrates, plays and works together with her friends.

Latoya is available for interviews, to read the book to children, groups, speak and inspire children to believe in themselves, have dreams and visions, and pursue them with the help and support of their parents, role models, and/ or mentors.

You can get a copy of her print book or eBook for a limited only for only £1.99 by following the link below:

For bulk orders, interviews, and further information,

Contact:  Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

Tel: 075 3921 6072


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