Standing In The Power Of Your True Identity

I would like to share a very inspiring story that brings alive the power of identity. Credit for the story goes to Albert, a dear associate of mine…

A hunter went to the forest and brought back an Eaglet. He placed the eaglet amongst his chickens. The eaglet grew amongst the chickens and not only learned to behave like chickens, but actually came to believe it was a chicken. Its chicken mentality became a mental block to it fulfilling its full potential. Instead of flying high like an eagle, the eaglet walked around like a chicken, running away from little hawks and small predators it could easily dispatch.

One day the mother eagle came flying high looking for its lost son. When the mother eagle saw its lost son amongst the chicken, it cried out in love thinking that its now grown up son will hear its voice and fly to meet in the sky. But to its greatest shock, the baby Eaglet ran and hid like the chickens around it. This happened over and over again, until one day the mother Eagle came when the eagles and chicken were drinking water from a spring. When the eaglet looked at its image on the water it realized it looked more like the bird in the sky and not like the chickens around it. At this stage, it discovered its true identity… and this time around, when the mother eagle let out a cry, the eaglet responded; flapped its wings began to run… this time not away from its mother but towards it.

Once you know you who truly you are (which is not and will never be defined by your skin colour, gender, religion, status, circumstances, background, or even by your parent’s background/ status); you become very powerful, unwavering, and confident… it doesn’t matter what others think of you. On the contrary, when you don’t know who you are, there is a tendency that you will settle for a mediocre life, and never be able to live a life of excellence or up to your full potential.

Hence, in order to live an excellent life of great fulfilment, we must go back to the fundamentals of self identification… to identifying and establishing who we truly are. We are definitely destined for greatness. We were all born to rule and conquer the world… There is no one superior or inferior to the other. We are all different and incredibly unique!

Take for example if we use the body, I’ve got my eyes, I’ve got my nose, they’re two different parts of the body. None is great and none is inferior, they have two distinct roles… two distinct purposes… working together for the edification of my body… Know the truth, and the truth shall set you FREE!

To your success and greatness!

Your Transformation friend & Doctor,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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