Step Out of The Mass – Step Within Your True Power

With all the amazing benefits of the digital era, also come chaos, misinformation, distraction, turbulence, and decreased productivity, if not effectively harnessed and managed. With an increasing overload of erroneous information blended with truth, it becomes more and more difficult to separate true and vital knowledge from false and trivial knowledge… Eventually, what is known, and how much of it is known (especially by our children), is almost down to the media/ publicity, and how viral such knowledge becomes—irrespective of whether it is true or false.  Hence, there is an ever increasing percentage of educated, yet ignorant population…full of misconception, unclarity, and without a clear sense of direction or purpose.

There’s never been a desperate and urgent need/cry like now to find our true selves; understand and distinguish what we genuinely want and need from what others and society expect from us; and to get back on track to pursue our greatest and most sacred/ fulfilling heart’s desires. Before now, our world has never witnessed a generation of young vibrant and dynamic men and women who seem to be so distracted, lost and without a clear sense of identity, vision, and purpose.

As a result, there is no perfect timing like now, to call back our young generation on track…It is also our ultimate chance to shape and define/ reshape and re-define our true identity, worth, values, vision, and life purpose—so we do not conform, and hence, are not misguided and/or led astray. This is neither the time to measure ourselves with others nor to thrive to be like them/ perform like them or out beat them…such attitude in the long run, dis-empowers us and results in sense of dissatisfaction, frustration and misplaced identity.

On the contrary, when our focus is on becoming the very best versions of ourselves with each new day, there is no urge to compete, to fit in or to please others…We become more aware that when we do any of the above, we do so in vain! We eventually become very conscious of doing the right thing and being at peace with ourselves… we stop living other people’s lives, dreams, and visions… we stop trying to adapt, fit in, and/or compete…

The ultimate way to nurture our greatest potentials, grow, and thrive to be truly successful/ fulfilled, is first and foremost by identifying your uniqueness, and hence, your greatest potentials…and then constantly and consciously competing only with the very best version of yourself…only then can we be able to consciously and continually work towards maximizing our full potential/ life purpose, and being the very best and superstar we were each born to become—without ever settling for mediocrity!

I am urging you to invest like you have never done before in yourself and your personal development/ wellbeing and that of your children (if you are a parent)! I am deeply touched and have so much compassion when I see great men and women with incredibly untapped and virgin potentials settle for mediocrity, as copycats, second-class citizens, and worse of all, in gross ignorance (due to their acquisition of misleading information/ knowledge), despite the many free tools, resources, and opportunities out there to enable them to become empowered, develop themselves and live life to their greatest and fullest potential! I now fully understand the famous quote that goes, “You could take a horse to the stream but can never force it to drink water”.

Beloved, wake up, walk-off mediocrity and develop yourself today… NOW! We aren’t getting younger with each new day. Do something today to refine your gifts, passions, talents, etc… Please, do not step into 2018 any less than you got into 2017 or you are now! If we haven’t grown and become better this year, then unfortunately, we have shrunk…There is no such thing as staying the same—because life is advancing, time is passing by, people grow, things grow/ expand, and he who does not flow with time is left behind and isolated to shrink!

Unlock your unique identity, life mission, and your vision! True fulfilment and a great life of abundance only come when we recognise and operate in our most authentic and unique identity and purpose – and not in another’s or as society demands! True liberation/freedom only comes when you live YOUR LIFE, YOUR DREAM, YOUR VISION, and YOUR PURPOSE!

There is ONLY ONE YOU—A TRULY UNIQUE & DYNAMIC INDIVIDUAL! There is virtually no room for fear, unhealthy competition, uncertainty, insecurity, etc, when you are your authentic self!

Now, for those who may need clarity, certainty, in-depth understanding of their life mission and vision, I hereby offer you this ultimate and priceless opportunity to take advantage of my series of Award-Winning Cutting-edge programs, which will enable gain clarity and certainty about your life and career goals and choices, and hence, uncover your greatest potential/ wealth and live a very fulfilled, successful, and glorious life… Success & Abundance in every area of your life and relationships are your birthrights—but you must reach out to claim them.

To your success and wellbeing,

Your Transformation Friend & Doctor,

Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi

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